Art Schools in Utah

The Beaux-Arts Academy, Provo, Utah

The Beaux-Arts Academy is a four-year program dedicated to the highest standards of artistic excellence and the highest ideals of classicism. While progressing in their chosen emphasis, students will also learn each of the other sister arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, and architecture), experiencing classicism as the circumscribing aesthetic by which all disciplines and fields of study may be seen as one.  

The curriculum, designed to train the mind and the heart as well as the hand and the eye, is based in the same traditions and methods that have produced the most timeless masterpieces of history.  

Having both a practical and philosophical emphasis and employing techniques that target intellectual and intuitive faculties, students will be immersed in classical conventions of light and form, art history and criticism, precise craftsmanship and material expertise, expansive concepts and exacting creativity, human anatomy and canons of proportion, as well as tenets of ancient wisdom and sacred geometry, ultimately leading to multi-figurative and grand manner composition.

Ever building upon the three pillars of classical aesthetics, Truth, Beauty, and Virtue, students will become equipped to elevate contemporary culture and champion the highest in humanity.

The Hein Academy of Art, Salt Lake City, Utah

"It seems that in today’s largely subjective world of art, many artists lack the academic skills required to open their work up to limitless possibilities. Oftentimes, frustrated young artists attempt to express themselves early on before they have mastered the craft in which they have chosen to work. In so doing, they create boundaries that, ironically, permanently hinder their freedom of expression. My goal is to eliminate these boundaries by building a strong academic foundation through classical training and practice using time tested methods and techniques, which a student can then apply toward his (her) own personal expression.” — Jeff Hein

The Masters Academy of Art, Springville, Utah

The Masters Academy of Art is an answer to the growing need that a number of students find when seeking out traditional Academic Art instruction. This Academy teaches the same Classical techniques and methods of drawing and painting taught in the schools of 19th Century Paris. In an extremely regimented environment, students learn how to observe nature with a high degree of accuracy. The structure of the course allows for students to progress at their own rate of learning with no time constraints, grades, or due dates to contend with. Critiques are given daily to ensure that the students understand and become intimately familiar with the methods of seeing and interpreting a subject. In such a strict and organized learning environment, the rate of student progression is dramatically hastened. Students quickly develop discipline in drawing by expecting more from their work with raised awareness and standards. Over time, they gain the ability to self-critique—a skill necessary for any working professional.  Students are taught individually in a group environment and can expect daily one on one critiques. The curriculum at the Masters Academy includes lessons in Copy Drawing, Cast Drawing and Painting, Figure Drawing and Painting, Portrait Drawing and Painting, Still Life Painting, Landscape Painting, Artistic Anatomy, Art History, Theory, and Composition. Students will also have access to local museums, which will allow them to create copies of master paintings as part of their studies. Enrollment is open to all interested students.  Classes run year round.