Artists I Admire

The advent of the Internet has provided a tremendous opportunity to look at artwork and artists that was previously unavailable (it’s also a great way to waste time). There are many artists and illustrators working today that I admire, and I spend a good deal of time looking at artist’s web sites and social media pages. I make a daily visit to the blog of James GurneyIn addition, a group of professional illustrators maintain a collective blog, “Muddy Colors,” that I cannot recommend highly enough. I suggest that anybody interested in art visit these two blogs as a daily dose of education and inspiration.

For inspiration for the type of art I aspire to do, and the type of art I enjoy, I look to a few modern icons such as Frank FrazettaJames C. ChristensenWilliam Whitaker, the Brothers HildebrandtScott GustafsonJames Gurney, and Boris Vallejo. From there, I look back to the giants of the recent past: N.C. WyethJ.C. Leyendecker, Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell, and Howard Pyle. I find many artists to admire from the 19th century back to the Renaissance, and from the Renaissance back to ancient Greece.

I follow various artists on social media, and enjoy seeing their updates on the work they’re doing. Below is a short list of artists I follow on Instagram:

Aubrey Blackham

Darren Calvert

Tony DiTerlizzi

Morgan Foshee

Justin Gerard

Donato Giancola

Scott Gustafson

Jeff Hein

Shana Levenson

Jake Parker

Michael S. Parker

C.F. Payne

Mark Raats

Tom Richmond

Kate Stone