What I Think of "Modern Art"

I find little to admire or to aspire to from the group of so-called “modern artists.” I attended the classes at college, listened to the lectures, watched the slideshows, took the notes, wrote the papers, took the tests, and received high grades. However, I wasn’t  convinced, and simply don’t care for it. For me, “modern art” seemed to be more of a desperate search for the unique  and original, but ended up as simply the production of the weird and grotesque. I find it to be incredibly overrated, and worst of all its producers and admirers often made it their mission to denigrate the traditional and representational art of their brilliant predecessors as a defense of their own misguided productions.

There is a movement of those who recognize the destructive influence of the modern art movement and are working diligently to rediscover that which was nearly lost through 100 years of artistic confusion. An Internet search for “Art Renewal Center” or “atelier method” will locate studios and art schools throughout North America and Europe that develop young artists in the traditions and methods of the great masters.