Drawing the Human Face

Nguyen, Cuong

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Block-In, 3/4 View

How to Draw the Head — Front View

Eye — Different Positions

Eye — Front View

Eye — Three Quarter View

Eye — Upward Looking

Lips — Side View

Lips — Three Quarter View


Nose — Front View

Nose — Side View

Nose — Three Quarter View

Tutorials Page

Prokopenko, Stan

Head, Part 1

Head, Part 2

Head, Part 3

Head, Part 4

How to Draw the Head — Front View

Stan Draws Himself from a Photograph

Stan Draws Marshall Vandruff from a Photograph

Artists and Web Sites

Bargue, Charles

Plates from the "Drawing Course"

Bauman, Stephen

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Beckert, Wylie

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"Painting Process: Tam Lin"

Blaise, Aaron

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Busch, Matt

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"Illustrating Obama"

"MACA: Creative Imaging & Illustration

You Can Draw Star Wars Video Series


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Character Design — Robot

Character Design — Zombie (developing a style)


"Sketchbook Zombies

DiTerlizzi, Tony

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Dixon, Heather

“Dixon Drawing Class”

Etherington, Lorenzo


How to Think When You Draw

Gurney, James

Blog, "Gurney Journey

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Hein, Jeff

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Hernes, Cornelia

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Hillberry, JD

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Guide to Realistic Portrait Drawing

JD Hillberry’s Realistic Drawing Tutorials

Lee, Brianna

Mastering Flesh Tones in Oil Paint

Painting the Portrait: How to Transition from Charcoal to Oils

Leeuwe, Mitch

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Loomis, Andrew

Fun with a Pencil

Miracola, Jeff

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Constructive Drawing

"Ghost Warrior," Mixed Media Sketch

"Mars Attacks," Oil Painting Technique

"Medusa," Mixed Media Sketch

“Predator,” Ink Drawing

"Red Devil," Mixed Media Sketch

"Screaming Orc," Mixed Media Sketch

"Winged Wraith," Acrylic Painting Technique

Muddy Colors

A blog about Art, Education, and Community

Ostrom, Bob

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Parker, Jake

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Dragon, Art School, Art Education Advice

How to Draw Hands

How to Draw, Scan, Ink, and Color Your Artwork by Jake Parker

Lava Monster


Robot Warrior

Sketchbook Walk Through

TIE Fighter by Jake Parker

Partridge, Kirsty

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Prokopenko, Stan Online Art School

Halloween Episode: Spheres & Pumpkins

How to Hold and Control Your Pencil

Santos, Cesar

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Society of Visual Storytelling

SVS Podcast, "Three Point Perspective, The Illustration Podcast"

Taylor, Justin

A Drawing for Scotty

Do Something Real

21 Draw

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21 Draw Illustrators Guidebook Sample

Vandruff, Marshall

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How to Draw Animals

Sketching with Ink from Imagination